who is AmritPal Singh? Biography, Controversy

AmritPal Singh is a social worker and Sikh activist residing in the Bathinda district of Punjab. He established an organization called “Waris Punjab De” that strives to protect and propagate the Sikh religion, culture, and history. Moreover, Amrit Pal Singh is actively involved in social work, assisting people in resolving their issues and advocating for the resolution of struggles.

On February 23, 2023, AmritPal Singh’s supporters launched an attack on the Ajnala police station, resulting in a large gathering of people. They resorted to pelting stones, firing guns, and wielding sticks, and swords against the police force. The reason behind this uproar was the arrest of Lovepreet Toofan, a close associate of Amrit Pal Singh. The violent protest led to several injuries among the police officers.

who is Amrit Pal Singh

Amritpal Singh is a Khalistani sympathizer and a part of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s extremist group. He is now referred to as Bhindranwale 2.0. Initially, Amritpal Singh used to live in Dubai. However, after the death of Waris Punjab De founder Deep Sidhu last year, he returned to India to take charge of the organization.

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What is Varis Punjab de

Waris Punjab De is a political organization in Punjab, India, that aims to address the political and social issues faced by the people of Punjab. The organization was founded by Deep Sidhu, an actor, and activist who died in a road accident in February 2022. Amritpal Singh is currently serving as the chief of Waris Punjab De. The organization has been associated with the Khalistan movement, which advocates for a separate homeland for Sikhs. However, it is important to note that Waris Punjab De has denied any association with Khalistani groups and has maintained that it is a non-violent organization that aims to promote peace and prosperity in Punjab.

Controversy in Panjab

Amarpal Singh arrived back in India after a hiatus of six years, but not during the time of the farmer’s protest, the announcement of Punjab’s heir, or the passing of Deep Sidhu. This implies that Amarpal and Deep Sidhu never crossed paths, and their communication was limited to social media. Although Amarpal had legally affiliated with Waris Punjab, Deep Sidhu’s family members are dissatisfied with this connection and have blocked Amarpal on social media.

On Thursday, February 23rd, a big uproar occurred in Amritsar, Punjab. Supporters of Amritpal Singh, the head of the organization “Waris Punjab De,” attacked the Ajnala police station. The incident was in protest against the arrest of Lovepreet Toofan, a close associate of Amritpal, who was accused of kidnapping and severely beating a person.

The police tried to stop the mob by barricading the station, but the protesters broke through and entered the building. Many police officers were seriously injured in the chaos. Amritpal later arrived at the Ajnala station and held a meeting with his SSP Satinder Singh. After the meeting, he gave the police an ultimatum of one hour to release Lovepreet Toofan.

Who is Deep Sindhu: Punjab Controversy

Deep Sidhu, a well-known personality from Punjab, was a multi-talented individual who was an actor, model, and activist. He is infamous for inciting violence at the Red Fort on January 26 during the farmer’s movement. Following this incident, he was charged and faced the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately, he passed away in a road accident, and his family members suspected foul play. Consequently, an investigation was launched into the accident, but no significant developments have emerged. As of now, the case remains unresolved, and its conclusion is still pending.

who is bhindranwale ?

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was a controversial Sikh leader who led a movement for an independent Sikh state in India. He gained notoriety during the 1980s and was involved in the militant activities of the time. Bhindranwale was killed during the Indian Army’s Operation Blue Star in 1984.

Who supported Amrit Pal?

Amritpal Singh has initiated building a foundation for his supporters. As per a credible source, Simranjeet Singh Mann, the Member of Parliament from Sangrur and the leader of Shiromani Akali Dal, also attended Amritpal Singh’s event in Rode village. He served as an IPS officer before venturing into politics.

Detail about Amritpal Singh?

  • Amritpal Singh claims to follow the ideology of militant leader Bhindranwale, who was an advocate for Khalistan’s demands and was killed in Operation Blue Star in June 1984.
  • Recently, Amritpal Singh returned from Dubai and was appointed as the chief of ‘Waris Punjab De’, an organization formed to advocate for the people’s rights in Punjab.
  • Deep Sidhu, an actor, and activist who died in a road accident in February 2022 founded the organization.
  • Amritpal Singh is married to Kirandeep Kaur, an NRI based in the UK, according to police records.
  • There are three registered cases against Amritpal Singh, two of which involve hate speech, and one involves kidnapping.
  • In a controversial remark, Amritpal Singh equated Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s fate with former prime minister Indira Gandhi.
  • In February, Amritpal Singh’s supporters, armed with swords and weapons, clashed with Ajnala Police and seized an accused in a kidnapping case, demanding his release.
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