Chandrayaan 3 Update, Live Status, Landing Date – less Than 1 Hours Remain

Embarking on an exciting journey to the Moon, Chandrayaan 3, India’s latest lunar mission, has been making waves in the world of space exploration. With each passing day, new developments unfold, revealing the progress and challenges of this ambitious mission. From its status in space to a potential change in its landing date, there’s a lot to uncover. Adding to the intrigue, Vikram Lander, a familiar name from Chandrayaan-2’s mission, has made a significant connection, bridging the gap between past and present lunar endeavors. Let’s delve into the latest updates surrounding Chandrayaan 3, its status, the possible landing date change, and the remarkable communication feat of the Vikram Lander.

Chandrayaan 3 Update

If Chandrayaan-3’s landing on August 23 is not possible, ISRO has a backup plan for August 27. ISRO scientists will decide two hours before the landing time if it’s suitable to land, considering the lander’s health and Moon’s conditions. If all is well, the landing will be on August 23; if not, on August 27. The landing will happen between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM. The Vikram Lander is equipped with special cameras and tools for a safe landing. If the landing goes ahead, the lander will work with different tools to study the Moon’s surface and environment.

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Chandrayaan 3 Status: Vikram Lander establishes

Chandrayaan-3 Latest News: India’s Chandrayaan-3 is almost done with its month-long journey from Earth and is set to arrive on the Moon’s surface this Wednesday after being launched on July 14. Recently, ISRO shared that Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter and Chandrayaan-3’s lander module can talk to each other now. This new communication link makes it easier to control the lander. Chandrayaan-3’s lander is planned to gently land on the Moon around 6:04 pm on August 23, 2023. People can watch the landing live from 5:20 pm on Wednesday. ISRO believes this achievement will spark interest and curiosity in the youth about space exploration.

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Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date & Time Change/Postponed

Chandrayaan-3 Landing Date Change: The planned date for Chandrayaan-3’s landing on the Moon has been shifted. If all goes well, the landing will happen on August 23. However, if there are any issues, the landing might be postponed to August 27, 2023. ISRO, the organization leading this mission, will decide a few hours before the landing whether everything is suitable for the touchdown. This change in date is like having a backup plan in case any problems arise.

Chandrayaan 3 Live Tracking

To track Chandrayaan-3 live, you can visit ISRO’s official website. There, you will find real-time updates about Chandrayaan-3’s status and landing. You can also watch live tracking videos of Chandrayaan-3 on YouTube, which will provide you with updates about the live event. Additionally, you can stay updated by visiting their Facebook page and watching it live on the DD National TV channel. With the help of these sources, you can watch the live process of Chandrayaan-3 and stay informed about this important event.

You can watch the live landing of Chandrayaan-3 through

  1. ISRO’s website:
  2. YouTube:
  3. Facebook:
  4. DD National TV Channel

These options offer a convenient and effective way to witness the live landing of Chandrayaan-3.

Ahmedabad Center For Safely Landing

A special camera called LHDAC has been made by the Ahmedabad center for safely landing the Vikram lander on the Moon’s surface. The Space Application Center in Ahmedabad created this camera. It works with other devices like LPDC, LASA, LDV, and LHVC to guide the lander safely to the Moon’s surface.

Chandrayaan 3 Moon Image By Vikram Lander

Chandrayaan 3 has captured images of the Moon. These pictures were taken by the spacecraft as it orbits around the Moon. These images help scientists learn more about the Moon’s surface, its features, and its environment. It’s like taking pictures from a camera in space to study and explore the Moon better.

Vikram Lander’s Connection: Linking with Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter

Remember Vikram Lander from Chandrayaan-2? The lander that faced challenges during its descent in 2019? Well, here’s the exciting part: Vikram Lander from Chandrayaan-2 has established communication with the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter that’s still orbiting the Moon. This communication establishes a crucial link between the past and present missions, showcasing ISRO’s determination to learn from previous experiences.


In conclusion, Chandrayaan-3 continues to captivate our imagination as it ventures toward the Moon. With its updated landing date, the mission reflects ISRO’s commitment to meticulous planning and successful execution. As we eagerly await the historic soft landing, the communication between the Vikram Lander and the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter adds an extra layer of excitement to this cosmic endeavor. The Moon, with its secrets and wonders, is waiting to reveal its treasures, and Chandrayaan-3 is leading the way.

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