Gadar 2 Movie Review: Sunny Deol’s Recreate The History After 22 Years, Release Date, Box Office Collection, Cast

“Gadar 2” Movie Review: Sunny Deol returns to recreate history after 22 years with this highly anticipated sequel. Fans eagerly await the release date and are curious about its box office collection. Let’s delve into the excitement surrounding this iconic comeback.

Gadar 2 Movie Review

“Gadar 2” Review: The much-anticipated “Gadar 2” has finally hit the screens, reuniting Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. Set against the backdrop of the 1971 India-Pakistan war, the film delivers intense action and heartfelt emotions. Sunny Deol shines as the fearless Tara Singh, while Ameesha Patel’s portrayal of Sakina adds depth. The movie’s nostalgic moments and powerful dialogues resonate well, promising a compelling cinematic experience. Early audience reactions indicate a positive response and suggest that “Gadar Two” is likely to be a hit.

Gadar 2 Movie Short Review

“Gadar 2” marks the triumphant return of Sunny Deol as Tara Singh, delivering action-packed patriotism amidst the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Ameesha Patel’s performance as Sakina adds emotional depth. The film’s nostalgic moments, powerful dialogues, and intense action sequences make it a must-watch. Early audience reactions suggest a promising hit.

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Gadar 2 Movie Review Overview

Release Date11th August 2023
GenrePeriod Action Drama
DirectorAnil Sharma
ProducerAnil Sharma, Sunny Deol, Jyoti Deshpande, and others
WriterShaktimaan Talwar
CastSunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Others
CinematographyBinod Pradhan
Production CompanySunny Sounds Pvt. Ltd., Zee Studios
Runtime170 minutes
Release FormatTheatrical Release

Gadar 2 Casts & Director

“Gadar 2” is a highly anticipated 2023 Indian period action drama directed and produced by Anil Sharma. A sequel to the iconic 2001 film “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” the movie features a stellar cast that includes Sunny Deol reprising his role as Tara Singh, Ameesha Patel as Sakeena, and Utkarsh Sharma as Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh. The film’s compelling storyline and strong performances by the cast have garnered significant attention and excitement among audiences.

Gadar 2 Cast

Sunny DeolTara Singh
Ameesha PatelSakeena
Utkarsh SharmaCharanjeet “Jeete” Singh
Manish WadhwaMajor General Hamid Iqbal
Gaurav ChopraLieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat
Simrat KaurMuskaan
Other CastsLuv Sinha, Mir Sarwar, Rohit Choudhary, Rumi Khan, Rakesh Bedi

Gadar 2 Movie Box Office Collection

“Gadar 2” has stormed the box office with its grand debut, amassing an impressive opening collection. The film, which was released on August 11, 2023, has set the cash registers ringing, showcasing a strong start and promising a successful run ahead. Let’s delve into the day-wise box office collection of “Gadar Two” in the table below:

DayBox Office Collection (India Net)
1₹35.00 Crores
2Updating Soon
3Updating Soon
4Updating Soon
5Updating Soon

Gadar 2 Release Date

“Gadar 2,” the much-awaited sequel to the 2001 film “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” has captured the attention of audiences with its thrilling storyline and stellar cast. Directed and produced by Anil Sharma, the film’s release date and important dates have been eagerly anticipated by fans. Here is an overview of the key events and dates related to “Gadar ii.”

Movie Release Date11th August 2023
Teaser Release Date12th June 2023
Trailer Release Date26th July 2023
First Poster Unveiling26th January 2023
Sequel Announcement15th October 2021
Motion Poster Release15th October 2021
Re-release of Gadar9th June 2023

Gadar 2 Movie Review Story

“Gadar 2” continues the epic saga that began with “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” taking audiences on a riveting journey set against the backdrop of the “Crush India” campaign in 1971. The story follows the indomitable Tara Singh, reprised by Sunny Deol, as he embarks on a perilous mission to rescue his son Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh, portrayed by Utkarsh Sharma, who is captured and subjected to torture by Pakistani soldiers under the command of Major General Hamid Iqbal. Fueled by determination and patriotism, Tara Singh must navigate through danger and adversity, facing formidable enemies and risking everything to save his beloved son. As the narrative unfolds, delves into themes of sacrifice, courage, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his son, creating a compelling blend of action, drama, and emotion that captures the essence of a tumultuous era in Indian history.

Gadar 2 Movie Review Star Cast Performance

Sunny Deol as Tara Singh: Once again, Sunny Deol embodies the fearless and patriotic Tara Singh, delivering a powerful performance that resonates with his iconic portrayal in the original film. His intensity and emotional depth anchor the narrative, capturing the essence of his character’s unwavering determination.

Ameesha Patel as Sakeena: Ameesha Patel’s portrayal of Sakeena is heartfelt and evocative. She brings emotional nuances to her character, effectively conveying the trials and tribulations faced by Tara Singh’s wife. Her chemistry with Sunny Deol adds depth to their relationship on screen.

Utkarsh Sharma as Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh: Utkarsh Sharma impresses with his portrayal of Jeete, capturing the character’s journey from vulnerability to resilience. His performance is marked by earnestness and a sense of growth, making his role a significant asset to the film.

Manish Wadhwa as Major General Hamid Iqbal: Manish Wadhwa’s performance as the antagonist is noteworthy, exuding a palpable sense of menace and authority. His portrayal adds layers to the conflict, creating a compelling dynamic with the protagonists.

Gaurav Chopra as Lieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat: Gaurav Chopra’s portrayal is impactful, bringing depth to his character and contributing to the film’s overall narrative. His interactions with Sunny Deol’s Tara Singh are engaging and enhance the storyline.

Luv Sinha: Luv Sinha’s performance adds value to the ensemble, contributing to the film’s narrative with his presence and characterization.

Simrat Kaur as Muskaan: Simrat Kaur’s role as Muskaan brings a touch of romance to the story. Her chemistry with Utkarsh Sharma adds a layer of emotional depth to the film.

Each member of the star cast contributes significantly to the film’s impact, collectively creating a compelling cinematic experience in “Gadar 2.”

Gadar 2 Movie Trailer

The “Gadar 2” movie trailer offers a captivating glimpse into this highly anticipated sequel. Packed with intense action, powerful performances, and a compelling storyline, the trailer showcases the legacy of the original film while introducing new dimensions. Fans can expect a thrilling cinematic experience that continues the saga of love, patriotism, and sacrifice.

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Gadar 2 Movie Download

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My Opinion To Gadar 2 Movie Review

“Gadar 2” left a lasting impact on me. The compelling storyline, stellar performances by the cast, especially Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, and the seamless blend of action and emotion truly impressed me. The film’s nostalgic touch, coupled with its strong patriotism theme, made for an engaging experience. Overall, “Gadar 2” exceeded my expectations and offered a memorable cinematic journey.


The above opinion on Gadar 2 movie review is a personal viewpoint and may differ from others’ perspectives. It aims to provide a concise impression within a limited word count. Movie experiences can be subjective, and individual opinions may vary. It’s important to watch the film and form your own judgment. This review does not encompass all aspects of the movie and is not intended to influence any decisions.


When was Gadar 2 released?

Gadar 2 was released on August 11, 2023.

Who are the key actors in Gadar 2?

The film features Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Simrat Kaur, Luv Sinha, and Manish Wadhwa in pivotal roles.

How much did Gadar 2 earn on its first day?

Gadar 2 collected an impressive ₹35.00 Cr India Net on its opening day.

What is the storyline of Gadar ii?

Gadar 2 follows Tara Singh’s journey to Pakistan to rescue his imprisoned son during the backdrop of the “Crush India” campaign in 1971.