Neeraj Chopra Win Gold Medal: World Athletics Championships 2023, Jena & Manu Secure 5th and 6th Rank

Exciting news from the 2023 World Athletics Championships: Neeraj Chopra, who already won gold in the Olympics, did something incredible again. He threw a javelin really far—88.17 meters! This made him the first Indian to win a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships. What’s even more amazing is that three Indian athletes did really well, with Kishore Jena getting fifth place by throwing 84.77 meters and DP Manu coming in sixth with 84.14 meters. This had never happened before for India in these Championships. The Indian men’s team also showed their strength by finishing fifth in the 4×400 meters relay race.

Neeraj Chopra News

Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic champion, made history by becoming the first Indian to win a gold medal in the World Athletics Championships. He achieved this remarkable feat with a powerful throw of 88.17 meters in the men’s javelin final in Budapest. At 25 years old, Neeraj’s second attempt proved to be his best of the day, overcoming a foul at the start. His series of throws included distances of 86.32m, 84.64m, 87.73m, and 83.98m.

HighlightsWorld Athletics Championships 2023
Neeraj’s GoldJavelin: 88.17m.
Highest Distance on 2nd Attempt
Historic Achievement1st Indian gold.
Indian Top 5thKishore JENA
Indian Top 6thD.P MANU
Relay ExcellenceIndian men’s 4×400: 5th.
Parun’s EffortParun 9th in steeplechase.
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And let’s not forget Parun Chaudhury, who took part in the tough women’s 3000 meters steeplechase and finished in ninth place. All these achievements are making India proud and showing the world how great Indian athletes are.

Neeraj Chopra World Championship: Rank 1

Neeraj Chopra of India secured gold with a remarkable throw of 88.17m. Arshad Nadeem (Pakistan) took silver with 87.82m, and Jakub Vadlejch (Czech Republic) claimed bronze with 86.67m. These athletes showcased exceptional skill and determination on the global stage.

RankAthleteCountryBest ThrowAttempt 1Attempt 2Attempt 3Attempt 4Attempt 5Attempt 6
1Neeraj CHOPRAIND88.17mNA88.17m86.32m84.64m87.73m84m
2Arshad NADEEMPAK87.82m74.8m82.81m87.82m87.15mNA81.9m
3Jakub VADLEJCHCZE86.67m82.59m84.18m83.65m83.62m86.67mNA
4Julian WEBERGER85.79m80.43m85.79m76.86m82.55m82.81m79m
5Kishore JENAIND84.77m75.7m82.82mNA80.19m84.77mNA
6D.P MANUIND84.14m78.44mNA83.72mNA83.48m84.1m
7Oliver HELANDERFIN83.38m83.38m81.44mNANANA82.9m
8Edis MATUSEVIČIUSLTU82.29m75.13m80.42m82.29m79.17mNA77.5m

Neeraj Chopra Final World Athletics

Key moments from World Athletics Championships 2023: Neeraj Chopra clinches gold in the Men’s Javelin Throw event, while Manu and Jena secure positions in the Top Six. The 4x400m relay team achieved a commendable fifth place. In an impressive feat, Parul breaks the National Record in the women’s steeplechase, earning her qualification for the Paris Olympics.

Neeraj Chopra World Championship: Rank 1

Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal

Neeraj Chopra, just 25 years old, is like the greatest in javelin throwing. He’s won many big competitions! In 2016, he got gold in the South Asian Games, and in 2017, he won in the Asian Championship. In 2018, he did even better by getting gold in both the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. The best part was winning a gold in the 2020 Olympics. He’s been great in other events too, like the Diamond League in 2022 where he won gold. He got a silver in the World Championships in 2022, but he didn’t give up. In 2023, he won gold again in the World Championships. Neeraj Chopra is truly amazing in javelin throwing!

2016South Asian GamesGold
2017Asian ChampionshipGold
2018Commonwealth GamesGold
2018Asian GamesGold
2022Diamond LeagueGold
2022World ChampionshipsSilver
2023World ChampionshipsGold


In conclusion, Neeraj Chopra’s remarkable victory at the 2023 World Athletics Championships is a proud moment for India. His historic gold medal win, coupled with the outstanding performances of Kishore Jena and DP Manu, has showcased India’s rising prominence in global athletics. The Indian men’s relay team’s strong showing and Parun Chaudhury’s impressive effort further highlight the nation’s growing athletic prowess. Neeraj’s success not only establishes him as a true champion but also inspires young athletes across India to strive for greatness.

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