Virupaksha movie review & Rating- Super Suspense Thriller


Sai Dharam Tej, a popular actor in Telugu cinema, began working on “Virupaksha” a long time ago. Unfortunately, he is recovering from an accident that delayed the film’s release. Despite this setback, the trailers and promotional campaigns have managed to generate buzz and interest in the film.

In this article, we will talk about the Virupaksha movie review and cover its history, actors, and storyline. We’ll also discuss how the writer Sukumar and director Karthik Dandu’s assistant played a role in promoting the film and creating interest in it.

Movie NameVirupaksha
Virupaksha movie Rating 3.5/5
Post TitleVirupaksha movie review
Virupaksha movie Released Date21 April 2023
Virupaksha movie Actor/HeroSai Dharam Tej
DirectorKarthik Dandu
ProducerBVSN Prasad
Music DirectorB. Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography Shamdat Sainudeen
Editor Navin Nooli

Virupaksha movie review Telugu

Virupaksha is a Telugu movie that is technically well-crafted and boasts an exceptional background score by Ajaneesh Loknath. The film is directed by Karthik Dandu and stars Akhil Karthik and Lovely Singh in lead roles.

In the movie haunted by an evil spirit. The story is compelling, with a significant depth of emotion. The way the director has penned the story and utilized technical values to present it effectively on the screen is commendable. Overall this movie is very good you must watch this movie.

Virupaksha movie Story

The story happens in a village called Rudravanam during the 1990s. Surya and his mom come back to the village after being away for a long time. Surya falls in love with Nandini, who is the daughter of the village’s leader. Strange things start happening in the village, and people begin to die one after another. Everyone in Rudravanam is confused and doesn’t know why this is happening.

Surya tries to solve the mystery of what’s going on in his ancestral village. The movie has the answers to the mystery. During the same time, someone dies in the village temple, and the village priest tells everyone not to leave the village for eight days. If anyone leaves, the entire village will suffer.

virupaksha movie cast

  1. Sai Dharam Tej
  2. Samyukta Menon
  3. Ajay
  4. Sai Chand
  5. Brahmaji
  6. Sunil
  7. Rajiv Kanakala
  8. Soniya Singh
  9. And others.

Virupaksha movie review rating

We love movies and always want to find the best ones that amaze us. Virupaksha is an Indian movie that’s been getting lots of attention for its great story, direction, and acting. We’re going to look closely at Virupaksha and explain why it’s a must-watch movie.

Virupaksha movie review
Virupaksha movie review Telugu

Virupaksha Movie Review – Analysis Positive Point

  • Virupaksha has an unconventional and intriguing plot that is established from the start.
  • The first half of the movie is fast-paced and thrilling, with the exception of a tedious romantic track.
  • Sukumar’s screenplay is brilliant and captures the audience’s attention from the very beginning.
  • The production design team effectively transports the viewers into the world of Rudravanam with commendable efforts.
  • The sound effects in Virupaksha are spine-chilling and contribute to the overall horror experience.
  • The attention to detail is remarkable and enhances the overall viewing experience.
  • Sai Dharam Tej sheds his mass image and delivers a noteworthy performance as a person trying to unravel the mystery in the village.
  • Samyukta Menon does an exceptional job in her role as the village girl, showcasing her acting prowess.
  • The writing is sharp, and the background score is fantastic, elevating the film even more.
  • Even minor characters, such as Ajay, Sai Chand, Shymala, Soniya Singh, and Brahmaji, significantly contribute to the story’s development.
  • The movie’s second half fails to maintain the same momentum as the first half, despite a couple of well-executed twists.
  • The pacing dips, weakening the impact, and the climax could have been better.
  • The romantic track in the initial parts of the movie is uninspiring, and the love scenes could have been written better.
  • The routine nature of the love track and song disrupts the film’s flow.
  • The film is not for the faint-hearted, as it includes gore sequences.

Virupaksha Movie Review- Technical Analysis

Virupaksha is a technically well-crafted movie that boasts an exceptional background score by Ajaneesh Loknath. The haunting music adds an extra layer of depth to the story and keeps the audience engaged till the end. The sound effects are also praiseworthy and play an integral part in the plot. Cinematographer Shamdat’s work is fantastic, capturing the essence of the film with great depth. The production values are top-notch, making the movie a visual treat. However, the editing could have been slightly better.

Director Karthik Dandu has done an impressive job with the movie. His writing skills are commendable, and the story is compelling with a significant depth of emotion. The technical aspects of the movie are expertly utilized, enhancing the overall impact. The association of Sukumar with the film is another feather in the cap. However, the second half and climax of the film were not as impressive as the first half.

The movie’s technical excellence shines through, with each technician putting in their best work. From the cinematographer to the art director, every aspect is well-executed. Shamdat’s camera work creates a mood that adds to the film’s eerie atmosphere. The production design is fantastic, while the background score by Ajaneesh Loknath is reasonable. Although the songs are forgettable, the background score elevates the movie’s emotional quotient. The only downside is the editing, which could have been sharper.

Virupaksha Movie Trailer

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Virupaksha movie Released DateApril 21, 2023
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