OMG 2 Review, Akshay Kumar Comeback, Box Office Collection Day 1,2,3,4,5, [Updated], Casts, Release Date

“OMG 2” marks the anticipated comeback of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, igniting excitement among fans and cinephiles alike. The film’s release has been accompanied by eager anticipation, with viewers eagerly awaiting its box office performance in the initial days. Starring a talented cast and helmed by director Amit Rai, “OMG 2” delves into intriguing themes while showcasing Akshay Kumar’s prowess on the big screen. Let’s delve into the film’s review, box office collection for the first five days, notable cast members, and its much-awaited release date.

OMG 2 Movie Review

“OMG 2” is a highly anticipated Bollywood film that has garnered attention for its unique storyline and star-studded cast. Directed by Amit Rai, the movie marks the return of superstar Akshay Kumar to the silver screen. The film takes a thought-provoking approach, addressing sensitive topics with a touch of humor. With a focus on sex education in schools, “OMG 2” explores societal norms and beliefs in a satirical and engaging manner. The performances of Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam have been praised for their depth and impact. As viewers delve into the courtroom drama filled with witty dialogues and engaging scenes, “OMG 2” presents a bold and progressive perspective on an important subject. The film’s success at the box office and positive reviews reflect its ability to both entertain and provoke meaningful discussions.

OMG 2 Movie Review – Watch Now

OMG 2 Box Office Collection

OMG 2 has kicked off its box office journey on a promising note, with an expected first-day net collection of ₹9.00 Cr in India. The film’s initial performance indicates a positive trajectory. Here’s a breakdown of the 1st-day box office collection and occupancy details:

DayBox Office Collection (INR)
1₹9.00 To ₹12.00 Cr {Estimated}
2₹14.00 Cr {May Be Earn}
3Updating Soon
4Updating Soon
5Updating Soon
6Updating Soon
7Updating Soon

OMG 2 Movie Overview

Release Date11th August 2023
GenreFamily Entertainer & Moral
DirectorAmit Rai
ProducerAruna Bhatia, Ashwin Varde, Vipul D. Shah, Rajesh Bahl
WriterAmit Rai
MusicZee Music Company
CastAkshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, Arun Govil, and others
CinematographyAmalendu Chaudhary
Production CompanyViacom18 Studios
Runtime170 Minute
Release FormatTheatrical Release

OMG 2 Cast & Director

“OMG 2” brings together a talented cast and a skilled director to deliver an anticipated cinematic experience. Led by director Amit Rai, the film features renowned actors including Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and Arun Govil. With their combined expertise and performances, the movie promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline and compelling characters.

Akshay KumarMessenger of Lord Shiva
Pankaj TripathiKanti Sharan Mudgal
Yami GautamKamini Maheshwari
Pavan MalhotraJudge Purushottam Nagar
Govind NamdevPujari
Arun GovilPrincipal Atal Nath Maheshwari
Brijendra KalaDr. Gagan Malvia
Simran SharmaFemale Prostitute
Aarush VarmaVivek
Vijay MishraAdvocate Ajab Bundela
Kshitij PawarHawaldar Laalchand
Yash BhojwaniAnup
Shruti GholapMughda Ma’am
Rajiv KachrooSunil D’Costa
Vedika NawaniSophie
Bhavesh BabaniJudge Nagar’s Son
Veena MehtaChandu’s Mother
Karan AanandPraful Maheshwari
Jyoti TiwariPandeyji’s Daughter in Law
Aashriya MishraPandeyji’s Grand Daughter
Ajoy ChakrabortyDefendant Advocate
Pratap VermaMaulvi
Namrata KapoorMona’s Mother
Hemant SoniMiddle Aged Man
Manoj DuttKanti’s Doctor
Shiv Kumar VermaProtesting Man
Parag ChhapekarMedical store owner
Geeta AgrawalKanti Sharan Mudgal’s Wife

OMG 2 Release Date

“OMG 2” is a highly anticipated film with a significant release date that has captured the attention of movie enthusiasts. Alongside its release, several important dates mark the journey of this cinematic creation. Let’s explore the key events and dates associated with “OMG 2.”

Theatrical Release11th August 2023
Trailer Release Date03th August 2023
Teaser Release Date1 Months Before

OMG 2 Movie Story

“OMG 2” unfolds as a thought-provoking and socially relevant narrative that delves into the sensitive yet essential topic of sex education. The story centers around Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), a devout shopkeeper at a Hindu Shiva temple. His simple life takes a drastic turn when his son, Vivek (Aarush Varma), becomes a victim of bullying and misinformation, leading to a distressing incident involving masturbation.

In the aftermath of this incident, Kanti, with the divine intervention of a messenger of Lord Shiva (Akshay Kumar), decides to take on a powerful and complex battle. He embarks on a legal journey to sue his son’s school and all those who perpetuated misinformation, aiming to shed light on the importance of sex education in society.

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As Kanti’s case unfolds in court, the film navigates through a blend of legal drama, satire, and social commentary. The courtroom becomes a battleground for discussions on sex education, beliefs, and societal norms. Kanti’s arguments, backed by references to ancient texts and Hindu philosophy, challenge conventional notions and shed light on the necessity of embracing change.

Throughout the narrative, “OMG 2” not only addresses the stigma surrounding sex education but also highlights the clash between tradition and modernity, belief and reason. The film masterfully balances its serious themes with light-hearted moments, ensuring that the audience is engaged while also encouraging introspection.

With stellar performances from the cast, including Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, “OMG 2” brings a sensitive yet important topic to the forefront of public discourse. The film encourages dialogue and reflection on societal norms, making it a significant contribution to both entertainment and social awareness.

OMG 2 Movie Trailer

The “OMG 2” movie trailer offers a glimpse into a unique story. It shows Akshay Kumar as a divine messenger addressing sensitive topics like sex education. Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam’s performances shine, creating anticipation for the film’s release. The trailer blends humor and important themes, intriguing audiences for the full movie experience.

OMG 2 Star Cast Performance

  • Pankaj Tripathi as Kanti Sharan Mudgal: Pankaj Tripathi shines in the role of Kanti, a devout shopkeeper grappling with the challenges of modern society. His portrayal captures Kanti’s emotional journey with depth and authenticity, from a concerned father to a determined crusader for change.
  • Akshay Kumar as Messenger of Lord Shiva: Akshay Kumar’s charismatic presence and versatile acting skills bring the character of the divine messenger to life. His portrayal balances wisdom and humor, effectively conveying the character’s role in guiding Kanti on his quest for justice.
  • Yami Gautam as Kamini Maheshwari: Yami Gautam delivers a compelling performance as Kamini, a character integral to Kanti’s legal battle. Her portrayal reflects the complexities of modern women navigating societal expectations, and her chemistry with Pankaj Tripathi adds depth to the film.
  • Aarush Varma as Vivek: Aarush Varma delivers a poignant performance as Vivek, Kanti’s son. He effectively captures the vulnerability and confusion of a teenager facing societal pressures, especially in the context of sex education.
  • Arun Govil as Principal Atal Nath Maheshwari: Arun Govil’s seasoned acting skills shine through in his role as the school principal. His performance adds gravity to the courtroom drama scenes, where he plays a pivotal role.
  • Brijendra Kala as Dr. Gagan Malvia: Brijendra Kala’s comedic timing adds a lighthearted touch to the film. His performance as a doctor with a unique perspective on sex education provides moments of laughter amidst the serious themes.
  • Simran Sharma as Female Prostitute: Simran Sharma delivers a nuanced performance as a character intertwined with the narrative. Her portrayal adds depth to the exploration of societal attitudes toward sexuality.
  • Govind Namdev as Pujari: Govind Namdev’s portrayal of a temple priest adds authenticity to the religious backdrop of the film. His performance captures the conflict between tradition and evolving beliefs.
  • Pavan Malhotra as Judge Purushottam Nagar: Pavan Malhotra’s commanding presence as a judge contributes to the courtroom dynamics. His performance reflects the judicial system’s role in addressing societal issues.
  • Others: The supporting cast, including Rajiv Kachroo, Vedika Nawani, and Bhavesh Babani, among others, collectively enhance the film’s narrative with their performances.

In “OMG 2,” the cast’s performances come together seamlessly, enriching the film’s exploration of sex education, tradition, and societal change. Each actor brings their unique talents to the table, resulting in a compelling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

My Opinion On OMG 2 Movie

In my opinion, “OMG 2” is a thought-provoking film that tackles important social issues with a touch of humor. Akshay Kumar’s performance as the divine messenger is captivating, and Pankaj Tripathi adds depth to the story. The movie’s unique concept and engaging execution make it an enjoyable and meaningful watch.

OMG 2 Controversy

“OMG 2” has stirred controversy due to its portrayal of sex education and religious themes. Points of contention include:

➤ Discussion of sex education openly in mainstream cinema.
➤ Concerns of conservative groups about conflicting values.
➤ Integration of Hinduism and religion into the narrative.
➤ CBFC’s involvement and modifications to the film.
➤ Debates on creative freedom and censorship’s role.
➤ Balancing artistic expression with societal norms.

Disclaimer / Conclusion:

In conclusion, “OMG 2” presents a bold and sensitive exploration of societal issues. The cast delivers commendable performances, adding depth to the narrative. The film’s intention to spark discussions on sex education and faith is evident. It is essential to approach the movie with an open mind, as its content may be uncomfortable for some viewers. Overall, “OMG 2” contributes to important conversations while providing entertainment.


What is the release date of “OMG 2

OMG 2″ was released on August 11, 2023

Who are the main cast members of “OMG 2

The main cast of “OMG 2” includes Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and others

What is the storyline of “OMG 2”

“OMG 2” explores themes of sex education, societal beliefs, and spirituality as a man sues for justice after his son faces a controversial incident.

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  1. The movie OMG2 has a great impact to the mentality of public in our society and also has a great concept to realize the day to day happenings in our surroundings so called modern world. However a must to b added scene in my point of view is that the victim had well ahead asked his class teacher about the myth but he ignored that by saying the victim as shameless. He should hv bn also called upon to appear at the court.


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