Dream Girl 2 Review, Release Date, Box Office Collection, Casts

“Dream Girl 2” Review: Ayushmann Khurrana returns with a bang in this hilarious and entertaining comedy. This highly anticipated sequel showcases Khurrana’s comedic brilliance once again. With its blend of fun, laughter, and a touch of romance, the movie has garnered attention for its captivating storyline. Additionally, the film’s release date and potential box office collection have also piqued the interest of both fans and movie enthusiasts.

Dream Girl 2 Review

“Dream Girl 2” is a joyful and enjoyable movie. Ayushmann Khurrana’s comedy skills shine, making people laugh and have a good time. The story keeps the audience interested throughout. Ananya Panday’s connection with Khurrana adds a nice touch. The film talks about important topics while staying light-hearted. In the end, “Dream-Girl 2” is a well-made comedy that fans of comedy and Khurrana’s acting will enjoy.

Dream Girl 2 Movie Overview

Movie NameDream Girl 2
Release Date25th August 2023
DirectorSameer Sharma
ProducerEkta Kapoor
WriterRaaj Shaandilya
CastAyushmann Khurrana, Ananya Panday, Rajpal Yadav, and more
Production CompanyBalaji Telefilms
Release FormatTheatrical Release

Dream Girl 2 Casts

Ayushmann KhurranaKaramveer Singh / Pooja
Ananya PandayPari Srivastava
Rajpal YadavShoukiya
Manoj JoshiJaipal Srivastav
Abhishek BanerjeeShahrukh
More Cast MembersIn Thier Role
Dream Girl 2 Review – Release Date, Box Office Collection

Dream Girl 2 Box Office Collection

“Dream Girl 2” has made a strong entry into the box office, kicking off with a remarkable start on its opening day. Initial indications point towards an earning of around 9 to 10 crores on the first day. The enthusiastic audience reception suggests a bright path ahead for the film’s box office journey. With its engaging comedy and drama, the movie’s early earnings establish a positive outlook for its overall success in the upcoming days.

DayBox Office Collection
Day 1₹10.69 Crores
Day 2₹14.02 Crores
Day 3₹ 16.00 Cr * [ May Be Earn]
Day 4Updating Soon
Day 5Updating Soon
Day 6Updating Soon
Day 7Updating Soon

Dream Girl 2 Total Box Office Collection

“Dream Girl 2” has been performing well at the box office since its release. As of now, the total box office collection is ₹ 40.71 Cr. With a mix of comedy and romance, the movie has attracted audiences, contributing to its overall success. Fans and moviegoers are eagerly waiting to see how the box office collection further unfolds in the coming days.

Dream Girl 2 Movie Story

The storyline of “Dream Girl 2” revolves around a young boy named Karam, who finds himself in an amusing yet challenging situation. Set in the town of Mathura, Karam falls in love with Pari while trying to navigate the complexities of his life. To tackle his financial struggles, Karam adopts an unconventional job as a female voice artist for a telephone chat line, adopting the alter ego of “Pooja.” The story takes a comedic turn as Pooja becomes immensely popular with callers, leading Karam to manage his dual identities and the chaos that ensues. The film explores themes of love, identity, and the humorous misadventures that arise from Karam’s unique situation. Under the direction of Raaj Shaandilya, the movie promises laughter, romance, and a heartwarming journey.

Dream Girl 2 Release Date

“Dream Girl 2” is all set to charm audiences as it hits theaters on August 25, 2023. With Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday leading the cast, the film promises a mix of comedy and drama. As the release date approaches, excitement builds for this highly anticipated sequel.

Dream Girl 2 Movie Overview

“Dream Girl 2” is a Hindi comedy-drama film directed by Raaj Shaandilya. Starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday, the movie is a sequel to the 2019 hit “Dream Girl.” The storyline follows a small-town boy, Karam, who impersonates a woman on the phone to earn money, leading to a series of hilarious situations. The film is produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms. It is set to release on August 25, 2023, promising a fun and entertaining cinematic experience.

“Dream-Girl 2” had a strong start at the box office on its first day, collecting around 9 to 10 crores, as per initial reports. People are excited, and it appears the movie will continue to perform well. The film blends funny moments with a love story. Directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa, the sequel brings back Ayushmann Khurrana, who portrays two characters, Pooja and Karam.

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In essence, “Dream Girl 2” is more than just a comedy—it’s a narrative of love and self-discovery. Characters find themselves in amusing predicaments due to misunderstandings, eventually learning to embrace their authenticity. The film weaves humor and heartfelt moments, ensuring a delightful watch for all.

Dream Girl 2 Trailer

The trailer of “Dream-Girl 2” takes us into a world of laughter, love, and mix-ups. It shows Ayushmann Khurrana’s amazing acting as he plays two roles – Karam and Pooja. We see Karam’s funny journey as he pretends to be Pooja on the phone. With funny talks, cute moments, and some romance, the trailer promises a fun time. As the characters face funny confusions, we can’t wait for the movie to be released and enjoy all the comedy and sweetness it brings.

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My Opinions On Dream Girl 2 Review

In my opinion, “Dream-Girl 2” is a delightful sequel that delivers on its promise of laughter and entertainment. Ayushmann Khurrana’s dual role performance adds depth to the humor, and Ananya Panday complements the narrative well. The film’s engaging storyline and witty dialogues make it an enjoyable watch. It’s a balanced blend of comedy and charm that keeps the audience engaged throughout.


In conclusion, “Dream Girl 2” brings laughter and entertainment with Ayushmann Khurrana’s impressive dual role. The film’s humor, engaging storyline, and strong performances by the cast create an enjoyable cinematic experience. It’s a fun-filled movie that leaves a smile on your face.


When was “Dream-Girl 2” released?

“Dream Girl 2” was released on August 25, 2023.

Who directed “Dream Girl 2”?

The movie was directed by Raaj Shaandilya.

Who are the lead actors in the film?

The lead roles are played by Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday.

What genre does “Dream Girl 2” belong to?

Dream Girl 2″ falls under the comedy-drama genre.

Is “Dream Girl 2” a sequel?

Yes, “Dream Girl 2” is a sequel to the 2019 film “Dream Girl.

Is the movie family-friendly?

Yes, “Dream Girl 2” is a family entertainer suitable for all audiences.

What are critics saying about the film?

Critics have praised the film’s comedy, performances, and entertaining storyline, making it a worthwhile watch.

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